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Val and Chloe don't fit in at their fancy private school in Manhattan. Together, they ditch school, visit cemeteries and thrift shops and have sleepovers during.
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Encapsulating that soul is something just as unique: You. Dollface for You. Music is ever-evolving, like all of us Earth inhabitants.

The band's music revolves around our life experiences, both verbally and sonically. Some composites are vibrant and energetic staccatos of personal strength while others are the lullabies of sweet, confident accomplishment. Each member puts a piece of life into the songs until a body is created from art.

Hey, Dollface: Pushing the Boundaries of YA in 1978

This body acts as the vessel to reach inside of You and let the passion of music rest lightly on one's state of existence. The Heartbeat lays the foundation for all the rhythms and cycles that reside within the body, The Soul bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual by resonance, and The Voice speaks the mind, heart, and soul of the now-alive entity.

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New Releases. Categories: Romance Books for Teenagers Relationships. Hey, Dollface. Free delivery worldwide. Description Val and Chloe don't fit in at their fancy private school in Manhattan. Together, they ditch school, visit cemeteries and thrift shops and have sleepovers during which they confide all their secret thoughts.

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Lately, Val has all kinds of questions. Especially about sex. So Val turns to the two people who have always given her the most honest answers possible: her mother and Chloe. Unfortunately, not even Val's mother--an adult! Val starts to think that maybe she's not "normal" at all. Because she has some other feelings for Chloe. Feelings that she never expected to have.

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Would Chloe think those feelings were wrong? And her biggest question of all: How do you separate loving someone as a friend and the other kind of love--or do they cross over sometimes? Acclaimed author Deborah Hautzig's novel is an unforgettable exploration of friendship and love--and all the invisible lines that come with them. Product details For ages Format Paperback pages Dimensions Bestsellers in Relationships. Legacy Shannon Messenger.

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    Growing up for Boys Alex Frith. Word of Mouse James Patterson. Toggle navigation. Knopf, This page paperback by Deborah Hautzig dares to ask the question, "Just how far do the bounds of friendship go? According to Norma Klein of Ms. The kids there are so rich, so athletic looking and so boring! Val is dreading the lonely year ahead. And then she meets Chloe Fox, whose irreverent sense of the outrageous is the perfect antidote to the stuffy respectability of the Garfield girls.

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    Before long she and Chloe are spending all their time together, sharing the special secrets that only best friends have. The closeness of their friendship takes on new meaning, though, when Val becomes confused by the growing strength of her feelings for Chloe. What if this is more than friendship? And what happens if Chloe feels the same way? First Paperback Edition.

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