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Lyrics to "Little Ways" song by Dwight Yoakam: You've got your little ways to hurt me You know just how to tear me up And leave me in small pieces.
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Go through your routine and pare it down to the basics.

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  2. The Samson Brothers (The Revelation).
  3. Chronique des années hippies (Chronique dune époque) (French Edition).

We all know those moms who always have snacks, and they are seriously the best. Be like those moms.

I call this my power outfit. Mine consists of a white tee , straight-leg jeans, and statement earrings, but yours could be a blazer and slacks, a dress, or a jumpsuit. Find something that always makes you feel sexy, confident, and ready for work. We all know how good it feels to wear our favorite outfit!

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Remember that time you had to search through e-mails just to find the one about the meeting next week? Set up different labels for all the different e-mails you receive, and start making it a habit to immediately file away e-mails after opening them. Send those spam e-mails straight to the spam folder too! Find a go-to recipe that you can easily make and always know will turn out right in a pinch. This is the first thing people will see when they enter your apartment, as well as the only area the mailman and your Dominos delivery driver will see.

If you decorate any area of your place, make it this. The key to getting your entryway right is adding storage and function along with decorative pieces that show off your design style.


St. Therese and Her Little Way

Also, keep this area clean! When the first place you see in your home is always clean, it makes the rest feel a little more manageable. Source: theplussizedprep. Taking an hour away from work will actually make you more productive.

Little Ways

So, put down your computer, and pick up a scoop. Nothing notes a season change more than switching out your closet. If your most beloved part of summer is a sundress or bright shorts, find ways to incorporate your summer pieces into your wardrobe. BBQs are great for the summer, so leave the boring old sandwiches at home and grab a hot dog or burger for lunch. If that sounds ridiculous to you, take it down a notch and just bring in a few sides—like cole slaw, beans, or potato saad.

A little fresh air can do your mind and body wonders, so step outside for some breaks during the day. Can you say win-win? Bring the outdoors and some fresh O2 to your cubicle with some small plants. If possible, start coming in an hour earlier so you can actually head out at a reasonable hour and enjoy the late night sunshine. Or, put the bulk of your work or meetings on your schedule earlier in the week to allow you to duck out on Friday afternoons without missing anything important.

A Little Ways Down the Road - Chapter 1 - baeconandeggs, kawnashi - EXO (Band) [Archive of Our Own]

Eat outside instead of at your desk, bring your lunch so that you can use your break to get a quick mani-pedi, or spend those 30 minutes reading a book outside if you can. Feeling more ambitious? Also known as all of those other people who have to work on Fridays, too. Try to make a routine to grab lunch together at your favorite outdoor restaurant. Or, at the very least, know who will be around to chat when the rest of the world goes quiet at 2 PM. If you usually drive to work or take the train, give yourself extra time in the mornings to walk or bike to work. Bring summer sports to your office!