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Based on the tenth book of the Bhagavata Purana, the Prem Sagar, which means 'Ocean of Love,' (one of Krishna's epithets) was composed by Lallu Lal.
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And having placed before her Page I, as Bruhmu, am the creator, as Vishnu, the preserver, and as Shivu, the destroyer. In the form of a fish I rescued the Page 24 - Having heard this, Krishnu said, lisping, "Do not, mother, place any reliance on what they say. These false cowherdesses have spoken falsely, and have come roaring in pursuit of me. Sometimes, they make me lay hold of the milk-pails and calves; sometimes they make me perform the drudgery of the house; and having placed me at the door to watch, they go about their business, and then come and tell you stories.

In the midst of them, panegyrists Page 92 - O lord of compassion! I will explain the mystery: there is a demon, named Sunkasoor, in the form of a shell, who dwells in me, and who exercises tyranny over all animals, moving in the water, and carries off all who come to the shore to bathe; perhaps he may have taken away your preceptor's son.

Afterwards, a demon, named Sunbur, will carry him off, and set him adrift in the sea; having after this come into the belly of a fish, he will appear in the food of Sunbur: go, and take up your abode there, and when your husband arrives, take him and bring him up; eventually he shall slay Sunbur, and, having taken Having proceeded thus far in the narrative, Shree Shookdeo, the sage, said, — O great king! Krishnu and all his party on their return ate their supper in the highest glee, and went to sleep; whilst Kuns, having heard what Krishnu had done, suffered the greatest anxiety of mind; and could not obtain any ease or relaxation of his griefs, whether reclining Krishnu Chund having collected the calves, and taking his companions with him, proceeded on his road.

Having gone some distance, standing under the shade of a kudum tree, playing on the flute, and calling all the cowherds' children, he said, "Brothers! Nund Rae did the same, and loaded carts and bhangees with milk, curds and butter; and accompanied them with all his relations, and arrived at the abode of Unbika. Having gone and bathed in the river Suruswutee, Nund Jee sent for a family priest, and went, accompanied by all his retinue, to the temple of Dewee, and performed poojah.

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