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Absent at COP24 was any real discussion of how efforts to cut emissions would be increased, or targets raised from their current low level.

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This will be discussed at another meeting — another COP — in There was another scientific report spelling out how little time we have and how bad climate change will be if nothing changes. There was rancorous debate on technicalities, a sideshow debate around carbon markets, and no action on what to actually do.

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So far, so normal. Throughout its history very little has actually been achieved at the COP.

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Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, has consistently criticised IPCC reports for magical thinking , for assuming that at some point in the near future technology will be both invented and rolled out on a mass scale that will suck carbon dioxide from the atmosphere so-called negative emission technologies.

At the moment, there are none that are close to being ready to be mass produced.

The standard turn-around time for processing corporate filings is 5 to 10 business days.

Take these out of the most recent IPCC report and instead of 12 years to stop dangerous climate change we have just three. The reality of climate change is that we need a radically different economic and political system if we are to limit future warming and ensure adaptation is fair and just. The COP reveals the limits of using nation states as the basis for action.

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Wedded to geopolitical realities and economic competition, states have not changed their behaviour to match the demands of climate science. In many ways it is unrealistic and naive to demand they do so.

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After all, they are not, as sometimes imagined, ships under the command of a single captain, able to direct the nation one way or another, but rather, complex assemblages where a huge number of actors and interested parties compete for wealth, power, access and influence. It would require legislating for de-growth , something that could be considered, after a decade of economic austerity, as electoral suicide. Legislating for de-growth is the right government policy, but the wrong approach.

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If the nation state is the wrong climate change actor, then the national economy is also the wrong perpetrator. Yet this is what every plan to combat climate change focuses on: national emissions. Before submitting forms to our office for filing, please be sure that you have the most recent version of forms.

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